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5 Facts About Automobile That’ll Keep You Up at Night

If you’re an automobile enthusiast, you would surely love to know about some of the craziest and almost unbelievable facts about your favorite car brands. Well, you landed up in the right place. I have clubbed some of the most uncanny and lesser-known facts about automobiles that surely you would have a hard time believing. Have a look : 

1. There was a monk in the 1200s who predicted the existence of cars. 

Well, to talk about cars in the 13th century would seem like a crazy idea. But what I tell you is that the existence of something so technically advanced as automobiles was predicted back then in the early 13th century. Roger Bacon was a Franciscan friar who lived from around 1214-1292. In one of his documents, he wrote: “Cars can be made so that without animals they will move with unbelievable rapidity.” He also predicted airplanes, steamships, submarines, and scuba diving suits! 

2. A modern Formula 1 car can drive upside down in a tunnel at 120mph 

No doubt that sounds completely weird and unbelievable, but theoretically the car could probably travel at 120 mph in the roof of a tunnel while supporting its weight, which is how aerodynamics work in planes.” Anderson was featured in an article from 2012 when F1 downforce levels were about 25% lower than they are now. 

3. The average British driver will spend around 99 days of their life stuck in traffic 

Drivers in the United Kingdom are in for a rude awakening! According to reports, the Brits will be trapped in traffic for 99 days of their lives. The worst affected are Londoners, who spend up to one hour every day stuck in traffic. As dismal as that may sound, this is the reality. 

4. It would take less than a month to get to the moon by car

Well, nobody as long as they are sober would plan such a wild trip. But if facts are to be believed Astronomer Fred Hoyle was the first to point out that driving a car upwards at

95km/h (60mph) would send you into space in approximately an hour. However, getting to the Moon would take a little longer because it is 400,000 kilometers (250,000 miles) away – around 10 times the Earth’s circumference. As a result, it would take a little under six months to drive around the planet ten times. Given that you now have the specifications, a strategy might be devised at this time if you so desire. 

5. The man who invented cruise control was blind 

I saved the most bizarre fact for last. Engineers excel at creating products that help impaired people. However, we rarely see disabled people designing for the benefit of the able-bodied. While millions of people use cruise control daily, few know that a blind engineer designed it. Ralph Teetor was his name. Ralph Teetor’s history shows that, despite their limitations, engineers can overcome adversity and develop something that transforms technology and enhances people’s lives. It demonstrates that anyone can overcome adversity and still contribute positively to humanity. When cruise control was first introduced, people wondered how much farther automobiles could be automated. Today, we are on the verge of developing self-driving cars.

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